If you're looking for a step-by-step program on how to build your agency and acquire clients...
The Chatbot Agency Accelerator
Get a profitable bot agency up and running in 5 weeks.
If you're looking to expand your client pool...
Proven, High-Converting Bot Templates
These templates were all originally created for our own clients. 
If you're looking for consulting (short-term or long-term)...
Consulting Packages
Our consulting services aim to help your bot and business scale with intimacy and automation. Our sessions includes a deliverable with exclusive resources related to your session.

*Chatbot Agency Accelerator students get a 30% off discount. Find the discount code in your program back-end.
School of Bots is your one-stop shop for everything bot building, marketing, and sales. 

We teach entrepreneurs how to build, sell, and monetize chatbots; host the "There's a Bot For That" Showrelease chatbot templates every week, give away free resources in our public Facebook community, and more.
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© 2018 School of Bots. All Rights Reserved.